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GT Auto & Locksmith Testimonials

“When my garage was broken into by a bunch of hoodlums, I knew that i had to get a stronger lock. I’m so glad I gave GT Auto & Locksmith a call. They replaced my old lock with a newer and safer lock. No more worrying about my 76 Chevy pickup getting stolen anymore!.” – Bill W.

“I was doing some research on the internet, and wanted to get a CCTV installed at my house. I wasn’t sure which brand to go with, that is, until I called GT Auto & Locksmith. The friendly technician also explained the differences in all the major brand models, and helped me pick out the best one. Thanks a bunch!” – Miriam

“I had gone shopping for a few hours, when I realized that my chip key wasn’t on me. I had no way of opening the car, and didn’t really feel like waiting until the next day to go home. Thankfully, I had your number stored in my iPhone. You guys saved the day for me!” – Stacy

“These guys are absolute pros and really know their job well! I was amazed at how fast the technician came to my house, and fixed a problem with my alarm system. I can now sleep much better at night. The only loud noise and worry I have, is my wife’s snoring! Thanks guys.” – Tom

“I work at a large law firm, and theft is a major concern for us, at all times. We need to improve the quality of surveillance we had. I had heard about GT Auto & Locksmith through a referral. I can’t thank you enough for the great quality, fast timing, and reasonable prices. I was very pleased to do business with you. I’ve already taken the liberty to pass your information throughout the office. Thanks again.” – Richard

“I wasn’t sure why my car was making funny noises, until I found out that I desperately needed an oil change! I’m so relieved I chose GT Auto & Locksmith. I now pay full attention to the amount of miles I put on, so that I know when to get an oil change. Thank you very much.” – Valerie

“I’m always skeptical when I have to bring my car in for a check-up. I’m very happy that I brought my car into your garage. They have fast and friendly service, at a very fair price. What more can you ask for!” – Greg

“I wasn’t sure why I had to apply so much force to my wheel, when I had to make turns. I really had no idea what the problem was. It’s a good thing I brought my car into your body shop. I needed a wheel alignment, and a tire replacement. As it turns out, the wear and tear from my long distance trip, really took a toll on my car. Thanks for helping me.” – Cynthia

“You have to be impressed with their quick service, friendly attitude, and vast knowledge. These guys are super-pros and really know their business. They even helped me order a particular part that I needed for my old truck. You guys rock!” – Mike C.

“When I first saw smoke coming from under the hood of the car, I was already very nervous. The thought of selling my prized 85 BMW, would’ve broken my heart. Luckily, all I needed was a simple valve replacement and new filters. You guys really put a smile on my face! I don’t know how to thank you.” – Nicole

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